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Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

by The Canarys

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Sweat 03:02
Evry Friday night I erase my mind It ain’t that hard it just takes some time I make, just enough to, keep the pace up But lately I’ve been thinkin of, tryna wake up I met this girl that makes me sweat I met this girl that I don’t get I’m always tryna read her mind I might, really quit this time I spend my days workin to survive Gas food water and the power in my lights I can feel my brain rottin in my head But lately I been thinkin of, gettin ahead I’ve lain with the devil For so long I must be a demon now I think she’s my angel I’d let her save me, but I don’t know how I’m changin colors I can feel my brain cells turnin on In my sleep I call her But she’s the kinda girl that can’t do wrong When you knock me down, I push away the pain I just can’t see the world now, through the liquor stains But somehow she cuts through the haze Oh lately I’ve been thinkin of throwin my killers away
Open Up 02:24
Blonde hair With black eyes Nail polish in the shape of the sky Broken nose Broken heart You been screamin, bleedin out from the start, so you Closed your borders Hurt my eyes That’s when you ran and tried to leave me blind So for you I’ve got a little advice, you got to Open up if you wanna survive Dry face With dry eyes But your heart is breakin, achin to cry Can’t see no bruises Can’t see no scars But you light yourself on fire tryna see in the dark I see you smokin In the rain But you’ll never stop the bleedin you’re just stoppin the pain So for you I’ve got a little advice, you got to Open up if you wanna survive You got that man in your shadow You think your heart is so hollow You’ve got that man in your shadow And you know others will try to follow
Snake 04:49
A delicate imbalance A beautiful design I was defyin gravity And somehow I kept my mind But you discovered my weakness And I gave you my time You took away my order And at first I felt fine You were the snake in my Garden of Eden You were the snake in my Garden of Eden You didn’t know it but you made me a heathen You were the snake, you were the snake I listened to your whisperin And you listened to mine I let you wrap around me And it felt so good at the time I never thought you would harm me Just wasn’t in your eyes You may have put me off balance But I’m not sure that you tried If it slithers If it hisses What do you call it? What do you call it? Don’t look at the face Check for fangs A delicate imbalance A beautiful design I was defyin gravity And then I lost my mind I guess I grew dependent On the warmth of your touch I fell in Love And loved a little too much
Lois and Sam 03:14
Lois never gave anybody any time She acted like mistakes were capital crimes She ran around thinkin she was always in a bind The sun hurt her eyes, so she closed the blinds Sam was a homegrown American boy He saw the world as a diorama, people as toys He thought that he could save Lois, if she'd give him the chance But he wanted to stand, and she wanted to dance They found that they had a lot to talk about She liked to discuss and he liked to shout They spent a few nights, lockin heads And then they found themselves in bed Love cut Sam straight to the bone He put a heart by her name in the contact on his phone Lois felt safe, in Sam’s arms But sometimes the safe things can do the most harm You're not in control Weighed down by a heavy soul Talkin to God on a rotary phone You're not in control Four month later Sam lost his head Lois never left the house, might as well have been dead Sam thought it was time to take a stand Lois thought she didn't need a man Sam was shocked, borderline appalled How could she say their love never mattered at all? Sam asked Lois, "What you doin with your life?" She said, "I'd rather give up eatin than own a knife" You don't need a knife for life to cut you The pieces will never be in place Try all you like Can't keep the night From slowly turnin into day Sam picked up his stuff but he took his time He couldn't stop himself from tryna change her mind But once he had given up, her place was bare All Lois owned was an empty chair The thing Sam asked before he closed the door was, "Girl, is there nothin worth fighting for?" Lois said, "I'm just tryna play it safe," But both their hearts broke as he walked away
LOVE. 03:05
If I didn't ride blade on curb, would you still love me? If I minimize my net worth would you still love me? If I'm honest I'd rather you trust me than to love me Honestly, don't got you I got nothin, yeah I got somethin, yeah We gon function, no assumption Feelin like Tyson with it Knock it out twice I'm with it Never just for the night, I'm committed Only for life, you're my only for life In the dark you're the light, let's get it Hit that should lean Know what comin over means Backstroke overseas I know what you need Already on 10, all money come in All feelin go out, this feelin don't drought This party won't end Give me a run for my money There is nobody, no one to outrun me She give me a run for my money Sippin bubbly, feelin lovely Livin lovely I wanna be with you, ay, I wanna be with (love me) I'm on the way We ain't got no time to waste Poppin your gum on the way Am I in the way? I don't wanna pressure you none I want your blessing today Oh by the way Open your door by the way Told you that I'm on the way I'm on the way I know connection is vague Pick up the phone for me babe Dammit we jammin Bad attitude from your nanny Curves and your hips from your mammy Remember Atlanta? You always behind the camra My ocean and I was your sea I had to do it I want your body your music I bought the big one to prove it Look what you made Told you that I'm on the way I'm like an exit away, yeah
Feed me your boilin blood Cut your wrist and let it flow Let it burn my tongue Let it slide, down my throat Feed me your tears, off of your cheek Let them fill my lungs I don't care if they drown me You've been walkin in my heart and I know that I love you You've been walkin in your tears Let me shine your shoes There's a place in my heart for your disease Get yourself a broom Sweep it inside please If my eyes turn red, don't tell me nothin It's better to die without knowin that I've sinned You've been walkin in my eyes and I can't see No one, but you You've been walkin in your tears Let me shine your shoes I'd rather die than see you bleed I'm right here for anything you need I'm not your dog baby but can't you see, I just Can't bear to see tears on your shoes now I put your red on tables, and chairs I break them back beyond, repair You come over and see they aren't there It's all for you baby I'm just shinin your shoes I just can't bear to see tears, on your shoes
Preacher 03:23
I had a demon I had a demon Looked me right in the eyes I could feel it I could hear it Scream bloody murder in my ears at night Was unholy It controlled me Put the knife in my hand Got me burnin Got me yearnin Almost killed a man That's when he came in through the radio Out like a banshee, burned like coal He came in through the radio He was the preacher of rock and roll He's the preacher He's the preacher and he saved my soul He's my protector And my savior Cries when I feel pain My instructor Holy water Bleeds so I won't stain He's my bastion When abandoned Calms me from my rage He's my champion My companion Frees me from my cage Took my hunger Made me stronger Had me stand up tall Made me careful Little feral Taught me not to fall Made my sinning And beginning Feel like another man Had me kiss her Had me hold her Like a bird in the hand Took me down to the river Set me down in the river Washed my knife in the river Washed my life in the river
Gigantic 04:12
It’s gigantic And it’s coming for you They’re gonna find you lyin 6 feet under While your sister cleans the blood off of your shoes You better write your headstone You’re runnin out of time We’re gonna use your grave as an example, so nobody else gon come around Try to take what’s mine Oh don’t you worry bout me I ain’t got no regrets Because for what you put us through, you deserve, evry bit Of what you’re gonna get
Thank you, for making it so bearable, you know The best medicine, is a smile I can barely see your features now, but they still Make living, worth my while it’s Good to know I did something that the Future will reflect, that the future will remember When your parents had you And I saw your open eyes I Knew that it was worth it Worth the whole of all my life I think I’m leavin in the mornin I can feel it in my bones I won’t be here long regardless I can feel that call from home So till I leave, won’t you hold my hand? I have seen the world change around me, I’ve lived Millions, of diffrent lives I was once at the very edge of greatness I guess You wouldn’t, believe me if you tried I regret the little things Shots I wish I’d taken, places that I’ve never been But when your parents had you And I saw your open eyes I Knew that it was worth it Worth the whole of all my life You only get one legacy You only get one name You can live a thousand, live a thousand lives But never do a thing History has a short short memory, but it Will remember me Cause when your parents had you And I saw your ocean eyes I Knew that it was worth it Worth the whole of all my life
Gemini 03:54
When I was born, I cried like a widow Remembering a time when her husband was around Tears like candle wax I didn't make a sound When I was 8, I sat under a window and Talked to the stars, usin my Teddy as a pillow They said kid You're never gonna be enough You're only half of the battle You've only got one eye You're a gun without a barrel You're a Gemini boy, you're a Gemini I can't tell the forest from the trees You can put me in a river, but I'll never find the sea I get lost in the details Call it a disease When I'm alone I can lasso up the moon Bring it down to earth and trap it in my bedroom But I can't show it to a soul I'm only half of the battle I've only got one eye I'm a gun without a barrel I'm a Gemini lord, I'm a Gemini In my dreams I see him here Standin so close that I reach to touch him But he's like a phantom He slips right through my fingers evry time So I'm left alone A broken flashlight, trapped in outer space If only I could find him If only I could find him I am pulled, in a million diffrent ways My head is overloaded, I'm runnin out of space I'm losin my mind And always almost out of time I can't get from one place to the next without Trippin over my feet and almost breakin my neck I need somebody by my side
You know I know you cannot stay But can we take just one more day? I wanna show my love, in just one more way You can explain the world again Tell the stories of kings and men I’ll pledge to be your knight until the very end We’ll sit inside the magic place I’ll listen close and watch your face I’ll wait here for you, if you’ll come back someday That’s when I watch you walk away That’s when I watch you walk away And when you come on home, I’ll show you how you’ve changed


Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was written as a concept album about connecting with people. But after only one day in the studio, New Orleans shut down for Covid. All we had to show for our work were the half-baked recordings of past releases and the drum tracks for the new additions. So we re-produced and remixed what we had of our old songs, and taught ourselves how to finish our new songs from our bedrooms on a zero dollar budget. Now, just over a year later, it's out, and being forced to reimagine our recording process produced a record 10 times better than it would have been


released April 9, 2021

All songs Performed by The Canarys
with Carter Wilkinson on Solo Guitar for #8, Ananth Batni on Cello for #9, and Shout Young on Keys and Trombone, Nabil Muquit on Saxophone, and Brian Maassenn on Trumpet for #10
All songs Written, Produced, and Mixed by A Alexander Hollins
except "LOVE." Written by Kendrick Lamar, Zacari Pacaldo, Teddy Walton, Mark Anthony Spears, Greg Kurstin, & Anthony Tiffith
Engineered by Betty Ji, A Alexander Hollins, and Marco Saah
Mastered by Jake Eckert
Cover Art by Vincent Postle and A Alexander Hollins featuring designs by Amelia Williams and Dio Cramer

Special thanks to Adam Schrubbe and Aidan Swindell for putting up with our loud noises, to Max DoVale, Jeff Albert, Mia Borders, and Antoine Rainey for lending your ears, and to Billy O'Connell for sage advice

Dedicated to our dads


all rights reserved



The Canarys New Orleans, Louisiana

The Canarys are a DIY alt/indie power duo. Alexander Hollins, on guitar and vocals, pairs thoughtful lyrics with heavy emotional guitars, while Marco Saah plays huge drums inspired by hip-hop, R&B, and jazz. The combined sound is fierce and melodic while staying deep in the pocket. It’s Jack White and Queens of the Stone Age mixed with Kendrick Lamar, Lucky Daye, Snail Mail, Lucy Dacus, and Pixies ... more

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