(Let Me) Shine Your Shoes

by The Canarys

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released February 4, 2019

Performed by The Canarys
Written, produced, and mixed by A Alexander Hollins
Engineered by Betty Schwensen
Mastered by Jeff Albert


all rights reserved



The Canarys New Orleans, Louisiana

The Canarys are a power duo dedicated to playing gritty handmade rock and roll for the 21st century

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Track Name: (Let Me) Shine Your Shoes
Feed me your boilin blood
Cut your wrist and let it flow
Let it burn my tongue
Let it slide, down my throat
Feed me your tears, off of your cheek
Let them fill my lungs
I don't care if they drown me

You've been walkin in my heart and I know that I love you
You've been walkin in your tears
Let me shine your shoes

There's a place in my heart for your disease
Get yourself a broom
Sweep it inside please
If my eyes turn red, don't tell me nothin
It's better to die without knowin that I've sinned

You've been walkin in my eyes and I can't see
No one, but you
You've been walkin in your tears
Let me shine your shoes

I'd rather die than see you bleed
I'm right here for anything you need
I'm not your dog baby but can't you see, I just
Can't bear to see tears on your shoes now

I put your red on tables, and chairs
I break them back beyond, repair
You come over and see they aren't there
It's all for you baby

I'm just shinin your shoes
Track Name: Preacher
I had a demon
I had a demon
Looked me right in the eyes

I could feel it
I could hear it
Scream bloody murder in my ears at night

Was unholy
It controlled me
Put the knife in my hand

Got me burnin
Got me yearnin
Almost killed a man

That's when he came in through the radio
Out like a banshee, burned like coal
He came in through the radio

He was the preacher of rock and roll
He's the preacher
He's the preacher and he saved my soul

He's my protector
And my savior
Cries when I feel pain

My instructor
Holy water
Bleeds so I won't stain

He's my bastion
When abandoned
Calms me from my rage

He's my champion
My companion
Frees me from my cage

Took my hunger
Made me stronger
Had me stand up tall

Made me careful
Little feral
Taught me not to fall

Made my sinning
And beginning
Feel like another man

Had me kiss her
Had me hold her
Like a bird in the hand

Took me down to the river
Set me down in the river
Washed my knife in the river
Washed my life in the river

He's the preacher of rock and roll